Generous ‘Hyungs’ in Kpop Features: Onew of SHINee

In a recent uploaded intagram video made by Key of SHINee, it features the members of SHINee casually surfing a convenience store for food.

In Key’s video we witness Jonghyun, Minho and Onew in tank tops (holy God almighty), picking out items in the store. Jonghyun looks just about ready to crash in bed, while Minho is by the frozen section walking forward. Onew, on the other hand, is by the cash register with Key, waiting for his members to finish shopping. And by the end of the video, we hear Key rejoice in glee as Onew pays for their items.

Kibum accompanies the video with the comment “his louis vuitton makes me happy” which is in reference to Jinki’s wallet, a Louis Vuitton wallet from which he fishes his credit card from.

This isn’t the first time Onew’s generosity towards his younger members has been captured. On a radio interview that had Onew and Taemin as guests, Taemin boasted how before they headed for the studio that night, his Onew hyung took him out for dinner and ordered beef for them. During all of this, Onew smiles on his side of the booth, looking like the proud hyung he is.

cr: kpopstarz