A story of unreleased TOY’s comeback song ‘세 사람(Three people)’ featuring Onew

The latest comeback song by TOY ‘세 사람(Three people)’ is featuring Sung Si Kyung. Actually this song was recorded with Onew first. Sung Si Kyung himself mentioned about it in his concert around the end of December 2014. That’s why Onew was mentioned in TOY’s album thanks to. Nobody knows why the version with Onew was not being released. Some speculations went that the lyrics which sounds oldies because of words ‘old time friend’ in the lyrics is not suitable for a 25/26 year old guy. If that is really the reason, TOY or Yoo Hee Yeol won’t record it with Onew at first place. So there might be another reason for that..

A story of unreleased TOY’s comeback song ‘세 사람(Three people)’ featuring Onew

Kim Yeon Woo mentioned Onew on radio


Kim yeonwoo  mentioned on radio today that he’s been coaching onew with his singing recently. Kim yeonwoo told Onew that he has not been to japan before, so Onew said “lets go japan together”. Kim yeonwoo ask Onew won’t he be recognized if they go out together. And jinki replied that without makeup nobody will recognize him.

translated by: sherrin


141128: Kim Yeon Woo made a phone call to Onew

credit: OnlyouJinki



141216 Kim Yeon Woo as a guest on KBS Cool FM′s Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min′s 2 O′clock

Kim Yeon Woo shared that he meets up with Onew a lot to drink.



translated by: yeowoogata

article’s link: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/83359/kim-yeon-woo-shares-that-shinee-onews-voice-sounds-even-better-after-surgery


141217 Kim Yeon Woo as a guest on MBC FM 4U

Sunny: I’ve heard that Onew is receiving help from you.

KYW: He got better voice after the vocal cord surgery. I’ve met him recently after a long while and I’m so much relieved and also trying to stop him from smoking. I said, ‘Make a promise with me. Promise me and quit smoking this time for real.’

Sunny: I’m Onew’s best friend. Onew worried/suffered a lot after the vocal cord surgery. About his life as a singer. Since before the surgery. Talking about it, he worried a lot about the way to decided…

KYW: He worries a lot, but in my opinion, he doesn’t need to worry too much because he is so talented enough that it will be successful if he releases his solo album later. He got the finer voice range and became easier to make sound recently. He is mending a few things (of his singing skill) with me. I’m doing it for free.*

Sunny: Why?

KWY: Because he’s pretty. He is so nice and pretty. His heart/mind is so pretty. So I buy him drinks, give him free lessons and do everything for him. Where is a hyung like me in the world? (laughs)

*Kim Yeon-woo is also a vocal trainer and a professor

Translated by: gongb00hae

Me: KYW is a respected senior ballad singer with a very amazing singing talent and skill. He used to be a vocal coach, and recently he is coaching Onew . This make Onew closer to Kim Yeon Woo nowadays that he made kyw to mentioned and called him on the radio. Even kyw wish that onew would have a solo. Remember back in 2009 KYW was featuring in Onew’s song ‘ The Name I Loved’ and in 2010 both of them appeared together in a radio show. After a few years, seems like they never lose contact with each other 🙂

With the recent interview, I’m a bit shocked that KYW openly talked about onew smoking, but I feel relieved that KYW is trying to help him to quit. If I can meet KYW face to face, I really want to thank him for taking care of Onew and giving lessons to him, and also always showing his affection towards Onew.

As he keep mentioning about coaching Onew, I see a bright light for Onew in the future =)

Kim Yeon Woo mentioned Onew on radio

Netizens and International fans demand for Onew’s solo

On this korean article  SM to go all out with solo projects next year… continuing ‘Kyuhyun’s daebak’, Onew was mentioned in the top comments by netizens, demanding SM to give a solo project to him too.This article was then translated by netizenbuzz . International fans also commented on the article following the netizens’ comment who also sounded thirsty for Onew’s solo.(read the comments on the netizenbuzz article).

Netizens’ top comments:

1. [+970, -116] Please.. give Onew a solo ㅜㅜ
5. [+545, -97] Personally a big fan of Taeyeon and Onew’s voices… hopefully we get some good albums with a variety of artists.
7. [+130, -23] Yesung or Onew getting a ballad solo would be nice
9. [+129, -33] Hoping for Taeyeon, Jonghyun, Onew ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Later in another article created by KPOP, KFANS blog, which the title is not related at all, there were comments made by international readers about Onew solo.

Screenshot (5)

Netizens and International fans demand for Onew’s solo

A singer-songwriter, Ali mentioned Onew

Ali, a korean singer-songwriter mentioned at Byulbam’s radio that she wanted to do a duet with Onew. She also praised Onew’s voice in Selene 6.23.

P/S: Onew also has mentioned Ali as a person he wanted to do a duet with at SBS radio power FM last year.


Trans credits: vanillahaato & cosmicsticks

A singer-songwriter, Ali mentioned Onew

131010-11 Fanaccounts Compilations on music shows pre-recordings

131010 M Countdown

Minho hugged jinki from behind right after finishing the song ㅠㅠ

Jinki was so dead tired on the floor after performing ㅠㅠ and minho waited for him and then put a hand on his shoulder

Jinki had his mic not at his mouth but the opposite side. Taemin kept saying stuff into Jinki’s mic kekeke. After the first prerecording, Jinki was lying on the floor with his arms up, unable to get up. Minho passed by and helped him up TTTTT

Inside Jinki’s jacket was a white sleeveless shirt..♥_♥,. Oppa..♥After Jinki’s arm spinning move is over, his mic would always be facing outward, so he’s busy fixing his mic TTTT

MCD Everybody was pre recorded twice and ended! Jinki was wearing the outfit and hat from today’s MV article picture TTTT The details on the die were a bit different TTTT Jinki took off the jacket after the prerecording and his sleeveless shirt and muscles with veins on it!! TTTT


131011 Inkigayo

The stage background prop suddenly had some problem, everyone was shouting “Danger” in order to get them off the stage quickly. Lee Jinki and Choi Minho were like a big boss sitting on the stage without making any movement, then suddenly the top (according to other fan accounts, it’s the overhead camera and lightings) shook again, Lee Jinki scooted off like a rabbit and came down standing on his feet. He kept shaking his head while on the stage.

When they got on the stage to prepare, the other members were all interacting with the fans, Jinki got on the stage and laid down on the stage in preparation, he will raised his head every now and then, looked to the left and right.

Jinki was interacting with the fans at the ending when he suddenly said, “엄마 보고싶어”. (I miss my mom)

Onew kneeled on the stage and danced “MAMA”.

Onew patted Minho’s chest and then pulled Minho up after a recording.

After another recording ended, lying on the stage, Onew raised his legs up and jumped up using his abdominal strength.

OnHo were playing childish games.

Onew’s hair will be messy whenever he removes his hat.

Minho hugged Onew when thanking the fans at the ending. Onew looked really small but Minho also looked very small among the staff.

OnTae will always have their arms around each other’s shoulders going on stage.

After the 4th recording ended with the ending pose, the boys used all kinds of ways to get to the starting position and just wouldn’t stand up. Onew rolled twice.

Onew walked like a zombie before getting on stage. Taemin followed Onew and became one too.

Onew came down to leave SBS. The manager tricked the fans by bringing Onew away to another place then brought Onew to take the elevator. Onew whom was hiding under his hoodie, could only follow by holding on to the manager, Onew is too cute while being led away by the manager!!!!!!

SHINee are in the building! Just arrived in a glass elevator and Onew was pulling faces at us and waving and grinning!!!!

Onew came down especially just to greet the fans, didn’t come out, just waved and smiled widely at us. Because its late and cold!

SHINee have been in the building this whole time but the elevator is glass and can be seen from the outside so they came down to say hi~~! Onew came down with the members. They’re handing out coffee, bread and kimbap now!!!

Onew and Key flee backstage and Taemin wanders around.

Onew is the cutest though because he hobbles around set and grins and takes ages getting off the floor. He played with the head PD a lot.


131011 Music Bank

Intro was recorded first, 5 of them laid down on the stage. Onew while laying down will made “Aigoo, aigoo” sounds… as if suffering from arthritis. Onew then even purposely made snoring noises.

Onew practiced the windmill movement before dancing.

Before dancing, Onew laid down on the floor making “aigoo” sounds. When opening stage, Onew laid on the floor and said, “goodnight~”. This voice is really ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

131010-11 Fanaccounts Compilations on music shows pre-recordings

[October 2010] Sung Si-Kyung mentioned Onew

Sung Si-Kyung: “these days, idols? Onew-Taeyang are praiseworthy (awesome)”

Sung Si-Kyung, the king of ballad in Korea went to military service and when came back was in shock that music industry is conquered by idols, a bit sad about his own songs not doing so well. He continued:

“But still, it was great to see old friends named Onew of SHINee are interested in the song and liked it.”

And continues how happy he is to have this kind of supportive friends /in difficult times/

cr: asiae new

[October 2010] Sung Si-Kyung mentioned Onew