Onew – Cosmopolitan Magazine February Issue 2015

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Q: Both of you had some time off. I’m curious about how you spent that time.  

As you know, I had to take a long break due to my health condition. I really missed being on stage. Fortunately, the concert took place as planned last year, and in March SHINee will hold an exclusive concert at Tokyo Dome. We’re currently working hard to prepare for that. In the midst of that, I got invited to be in this pictorial, and so I excitedly boarded the plane to come here.

Q: Actually, before you guys took off and were in the lounge area, I heard that the both of you were very awkward with each other.

Leeteuk: Onew and I were of the relationship where we’d only just greet each other. Truthfully, I am sorry to SHINee about something. When other groups like f(x) or EXO were debuting, I helped them out by hosting their showcase or helping them make their slogan, like EXO’s ‘We are one.’ However, our timing didn’t work out with SHINee’s debut, so we weren’t able to interact with them in this way. So after thinking about who I should go on this trip with, I wondered what it’d be like to go with Onew. Onew-yah, see there is a deeper meaning as to why I wanted to come here with you~

Onew: Hahaha. I knew that I would be going with Teukie-hyung a while back. The first day on the plane, it was so awkward that we just kept watching movies. But on the other hand, I think our fans will like our collaboration, and so I look forward to it. Personally, this would be like a vacation for me so I definitely wanted to come. It was awkward at first, but hyung is good at leading, so it was fun. The staffs were especially good at responding to my humor.

Q: The 2 of you have your first vacation together, how do you feel?

Of course I had visited Singapore whenever we had a concert here, but this is the first time I’m here on vacation. I’ve always liked humid and warm places, and so as I got out from the plane with my padded jacket I shouted “It’s so nice!” I was worried that I would hurt my throat with my yelling. Hahaha. Because it was raining season, it rained for 4 days, which was a such a pity, but I’m very happy that I’m in a warm country.

Q: What would you say is the most memorable thing on this 4 days and 3 nights vacation?

When I had my solo shoot at the Movenpick hotel, I took a picture with the Merlion. I was told that was the daddy merlion. I wanted to take a picture with the other 2 Merlions, but I couldn’t find it. It was such a pity. When I had nothing on my schedule, I woke up early and swam in the beach, but I got tired within just a few minutes and had to go back. I rode the monorail, did indoor diving, ate ice cream at the shopping mall, and when I was at a toy store, someone asked “Do you want to buy this for someone?” I thought about it for a long time and wanted to buy everything! Although it was on a schedule, it was a good vacation. When the manager hyung and I wandered around, we walked beyond the tram by mistake, but that’s the fun part of going on vacation. There was one time when it rained pretty hard when I was on the way back to the hotel, I had to wait at the train station for quite a while and got caught in the rain while coming back. What is the most memorable thing for you, Teukie-hyung?

Q: I think Onew prepared a lot for this vacation on your own

I actually asked a friend who used to live in Singapore to recommend places that I should go. He recommended Dempsey hill which is located just behind Ochard road. On my first day here, we went there together and it was very nice. It isn’t just a seafood restaurant, it has an open-air cafe feel to it. It was nice. Ah! I heard it’s gorgeous at night. It’s a pity that I couldn’t go to Clarke Quay.

Q: Please say a few words to the fans, who you’re meeting through this pictorial in a long time

The collaboration between the 2 of us is very unique, I hope that the fans can feel a different kind of charm as they look at this pictorial. This year SHINee album will be out again, so please look forward to it. We’re currently working hard to prepared for the “SHINee World 2014~I’m Your Boy~Special Edition in Tokyo Dome” on March 14-15 at the Tokyo Dome. In addition to the concert, if opportunities arise I will show you various sides of me! Please give Onew a lot of support in the future!

tumblr_nih6yuRPtl1r8fs1io1_1280“Still awkward with hyung but lets have some champagne first”






tumblr_nih765YZEV1r8fs1io1_1280“I heard that there are 3 merlions in Singapore. They say one behind me is the daddy merlion”







“If you walk a bit from the resort, you’ll see the
Palawan beach. It’s cold in Korea, but it’s warm here, I like it!”





tumblr_nih72n2hK61r8fs1io1_1280“This is the beach tram that runs around Sentosa Island. It’s very vintage and picturesque”






tumblr_nih6vqNZBa1r8fs1io1_1280“Traveling freely on my own is nice, but I like to travel with others. Other people can offer better suggestions. I’m still lacking as a traveler, but I think walking around a bit is very good for relaxation, and the fascinating thing is seeing a new world unfolds around you. It’s a pity that I can’t meet the fans during that time. It’s so great to be able to meet everyone through this pictorial”




“It’s so great to be able to meet everyone in a long time. From now on, let’s meet more often”






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Onew – Cosmopolitan Magazine February Issue 2015

ONEW – 50-Questions Interview [SHINee – SEEK Vol. 4]

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1. What kind of book are you currently interested in?

A: A book on world cultures. I have a deep understanding of our country as compared towhat I know of the world. So I thought that I should learn about the different ways of thinking of the rest of the world that I don’t know. That’s why I read it.

2. What kind of movies do you like?

A: I love horror films!

3.When you were in school, what is the subject you’re weak at?

A: Math…

4. When you were in school, what is the subject you’re best at?

A: Science!

5. If your girlfriend cooks for you, what dish would you like her to cook?

A:Dakdolitang! (spicy simmered chicken and vegetables)

6. What is your ideal type in a girl?

A: A girl with a cute aura.

7. Which hairstyle do you prefer in a girl? Short, bob, semilong, or long?

A: Short hair.

8. What is your favorite number?

A: 2. I feel like it has a sense of stability.

9. If a girl could give you a message, what words would make you happy?

A: I would be happy if I were told, “Your voice is really beautiful.”

10. What Korean dish would you recommend to your Japanese fans?

A:Samgyetang. (Chicken ginseng soup)

11. Please wink for us.

A: (photo)

12. What SHINee song would you recommend to lift someone’s spirit when they’re feeling down?

A: 321

13. What if you invited a girl you like to a date, how will you approach her?

A: I think that instead of asking her out boldly, I will do it secretly and in private(LOL).

14.Recently, is there anything that made you feel happy or energetic?

A: I took awalk after a long time! The trees were so green, and when I saw them I can feel the nature. The wind also felt really nice.

15. What is your treasure?

A: My family, myself, my fans. And the people around me who support me.

16. What is your favorite (Japanese) word?

A: Smile.Because a smiling face is the best.

17. What is your recent favorite fashion item?

A: Fedora hats.

18. What is a food you dislike?


19. Please hold out your hand.

A: (photo)

20. What is your favorite smell?

A: The smell of trees. They have a calming feeling.

21. What is your ideal age to get married?

A: I wonder how old would be good…about 35 years old? (LOL)

22. What is your latest hobby/game that interests you?

A: Bowling! I even bought My Ball! I’m thinking of seriously doing it (LOL).

23. What is your special skill?

A:Hmm..ttakbam (LOL)

24. What is your favorite food?

A: Chicken! I love chicken! I like any dish with chicken!

25. Please give us a flying kiss!

A: (photo)

26. Please make a crying face.

A: (photo)

27. What is a book you like?

A: Poetry. It is an accumulation of unsaid feelings and is easy to read.

28. How do you relieve stress?

A: I guess this is also by walking. Like, taking a walk through a place I’ve never ventured before. Since it’s a place I’m unfamiliar with, I become observant of the things around me and it’s exciting, discovering a lot of new things. With that, my mood becomes better. I recommend it to everyone!

29. What is your charm point?

A: My voice!

30. What is the most interesting dream you had?

A: Hmm..I forgot. LOL. I may have had dreams but I don’t really remember them?

31. What did you eat last night?

A: Ramen!

32. If you’re taking a walk with your girlfriend, what is better? holding hands or linking arms?

A: Holding hands would be better, I think~

33. What present would you give your girlfriend if you’re celebrating your first anniversary?

A:Hmm…what would be nice? …Will you give me suggestions? (LOL)

34. What is your weak point?

A: I get easily influenced by other people’s opinions.

35. What is something you want to do before you die?

A:Something that seems to feel really good–Skydiving!

36. What do you wear when you sleep?

A: T-shirt and shorts.

37. What is your dream when you were young?

A: To be a scientist or architect

38. When you go out, what item should definitely be in your bag?

A: My phone, wallet, and room keys

39. What is the first thing you do upon waking up?

A: Check the time.

40. What is something that you are secretly proud of?

A: No matter what I’m going to start doing or no matter where I am going, I always prepare for it.

41. Which do you prefer, roller coaster or haunted house?

A: If I can choose, then roller coaster.

42. Please make a gesture showing, “keep it a secret”!

A: (photo)

43. What is your favorite sport?

A: Favorite sport, I don’t have one (LOL).

44. What do you buy in a convenience store?

A: I often buy sweets or drinks.

45. Are you the type of person who eats his favorite food first or last?

A: Either. It depends on what I feel during that time.

46. How do you spend time in your room?

A: If there is time, I sleep a lot.

47. What is your favorite animal?

A: Giraffe

48. What is your favorite color?

A: Blue!

49. What is your favorite season?

A: Although they pass by easily, spring and autumn.

50. (Q fromSWJ): Onew-san always has a smiling face, but if a problem comes up, what do you do to calm yourself down?

A: First, I sleep (LOL). But I don’t sleep to forget about it. I sleep mainly to”reset” and regain my presence of mind. Then I think it over again,what I lacked/missed and what I need to do.


credit: keihissi


Onew x Taemin: Always making each other smile, the warm, fluffy, and healing pair.

Taemin: Onew-hyung has always been a listener and has talked with me a lot regarding various things. After this, I will continue to depend on him.

Onew: Taemin is really my cute younger brother. Our ages are far apart and the difference in our ideas are surprising, but in that sense, it is interesting.

Taemin: Am I interesting?

Onew: Thanks to Taemin, there are times when we encounter “miraculous experiences” I wouldn’t have even imagined.

Taemin: Did you mean…Is that because I always destroy stuff and people call me “magic hands”?

Onew: Well, there are times like that, too. (LOL)


Taemin: I’m always depending on Onew-hyung.

Onew: With Taemin is a fresh experience every time.

Taemin: How are you smiling like that?

Onew: Because of Taemin I’m always laughing/smiling



Onew x Minho – Like in soccer, they’re the defense and attack pair

Onew: Whatever happens, he is by our side and calls out to us. Minho is really a person who becomes our strength in any situation.

Minho: Ohh! *high-fives*

Onew: It’s not only with me, even with other members, he is our heart aid and is a very important existence to all of us.

Minho: Ohh! *high-fives* For me, Onew-kun is our immovable defense.

Onew: Eh? Is it a soccer reference?

Minho: Since he is always very steadfast, all of us depend on him.


Onew: Minho becomes our strength in whatever situation.

Onew: We’re always reassured by his courage.

Minho: Onew is SHINee’s super defense!

Onew: Eh?!



Onew x Key – SHINee’s Leader and SHINee’s brain.

Key: Recently, Onew seems to be so obedient. I think I know the reason for it.

Onew: What is it?

Key: Although we always seem to forget, you’re already 25 years old (LOL). But you sometimes act younger than the rest of us.

Onew: Key is just more mature than I am. Key’s mindset is to take out the parts that cause us (SHINee) uneasiness/anxiety and use them as an opportunity to try out new things.

Key: (seriously) We weren’t really aware of it, but we really have grown up… (*)


Onew: Whatever in Key’s head (his ideas/thoughts/etc) is very important to SHINee!

Key: Onew will catch up eventually (LOL) (**)

Onew: I want Key to talk about opportunities always.




Jonghyun x Onew: The seniors who understand and worry for each other.

Onew: I like Jonghyun’s mouth.

Jonghyun: Mouth?

Onew: Because he can put his own thoughts into his own words and convey them properly. I think his power to express things is amazing.

Jonghyun: Then you like my words, you mean. Not my mouth (LOL). As for me, I like Onew-kun’s funny side (how he makes people laugh). But actually I wish that Onew-kun will fix a part of him, too.

Onew: Where, where?

Jonghyun: Sometimes, your jokes are hard to understand so it’s bothersome (LOL).

Onew: …….I’m sorry (LOL).


Jonghyun: Onew-kun! Sometimes your gags are hard to understand! LOL

Onew: I think it’s amazing how (Jonghyun) expresses in his own words.

ONEW – 50-Questions Interview [SHINee – SEEK Vol. 4]

Onew – Arena Magazine Interview


Q1: Usually when there is no schedule,  what do you do?

A: Usually sleep, sleep, sleep or go outside. I like playing darts so I’ll go out alone.

Q2: You go there alone? Don’t you feel uncomfortable when people recognize you, say hello, or ask you for autograph?

A:  Is there any problem with going out alone? I have no discomfort going out alone. I don’t care much about such things.

Q3: There are many games to play, but why specifically do you play darts?

A:  I tried playing billiards and bowling, then I moved to playing darts. It is attractive. These days, darts machine developed so that you can play it with stranger on line. It is totally fine to play it alone.

Q4: not long ago, the sitcom ended. You set your foot on the field of acting.

A: at first, it was a bit burdensome. Being a singer, the thought of ‘how should I act?’ kept arising in my head. Actors are people who are trained for acting from the beginning. There are people like them, but I just got the good chance; I didn’t want to be a harm to them.

Q5: Have you fallen in to the attraction of acting?

A: I had fun, but it was hard for me not to express at the same time as I express.

Q6: huh? What do you mean?

A: As a singer, I always try to find the camera. Not looking into camera and do something is very difficult.  Furthermore, the shooting of the sitcom was done in a theatrical way. It was  taken straight uncut from the beginning  to end. If I forgot the lines, I had to do ad-libs but I have acted in musicals before so I could overcome the mistakes naturally.

Q7: You are the leader of the group as well as the eldest. What is the privileges of being a leader?

A: A privileged leader? For example, when I go (abroad<- not written in the korean script, but bc of the context we can assume that he goes abroad) to hotels for performances, I get to use the room by myself. Usually we are divided into groups of two, two and one, so I get to use the room alone.

Q8: If so, what type of elder brother you  are, aside from being leader?

A: It seems like I just embrace everything. In the past, I wasn’t that sort of person, but at some point I changed. Or else, I get stressed out. But it does not mean that I compel them to follow my directions.

Q9: Do you hang out with your group members?

A: I see them 24/7, why should I see them for another occasion again? What kind of topic do I have to talk about with them? I should make topics to talk about outside the group. Each group members have their own friends.. I hang out with my friends from elementary, middle, and high school.

Q10: Do you open purse when you play with friends?

A: Yes, our rule is whoever is able to pay pays.

Q11: Then Onew, you must be a great friend among friends.

A: When I could not visit my parents for 2 to 3 years after the debut, my friends even postponed the serving in the military duty to behave like sons to my parents. They were very considerate, and they visited my parents’ shop and they even visited my parents in holidays because they were worried about my parents who must have felt lonely. That’s why I do not feel any wasted (when I open my wallet for them).

Q12: They are such amazing friends. Are your friends nice or did you just maintain good relationship with them?

A: It’s because they are nice so that I can maintain a good relationship. Hmm. Because they got their girl friends, they are starting to neglect me than before.. When a friend brings his girl friend with him, we hang out together with her. I sit next to them saying “Are you feeling happy?”. To my real friends or close acquaintances I tell them “do not think of me as a celebrity.” I don’t have to meet my friends feeling awkward.

Q13: You changed your hair color. Even such a thing is a hot topic among fans.  Your every little move attracts attention and don’t you feel as if you are the center of the universe?

A: Not at all. Before I became a celebrity I thought like that but not anymore. I  am only a small part of this world. Th  place I’m sitting now, is not visible from a far. Performing in front of  thousands of audiences? It will also look like nothing and can’t be seen from the far; it’s nothing.

Q14: It has been five years since you debuted. What do you think has changed?

A:  I became bold. At first everything was hard and awkward. But now when I work, I think “Oh, I have done that before.” Then now though I have something I have never done before, I think ‘If I do this now, I would do it better next time.’

Q15: You have become more handsome,  don’t you feel it?

A: Not long ago, I looked at the photos from my elementary school. There was a picture of myself laughing, and it was the same as the present. It was highly amazing because I could tell that the structure of my bones were the only thing changed. My look, it’s because the staff members take a good care of my hair and make-ups. Everyone can be handsome if you make your mind and get cared of.

Q16: Does it mean that you don’t feel proud of yourself when you look into the mirror?

A: To feel proud of myself, I take care of my fashion these days. I’m aging- it doesn’t mean that I became old- I wanted to dress myself up a little since I am of an age that can bloom. In the past all I did was to think about it, but now I am trying to take action. I ask this and that, and I try them on.

Q17: Idol’s necessity, the good shaped body. Do you build up your body?

A: You mean, training? Yes, these days I do a bit.

Q18:  Do you have good body shape?

A: no.

Q19: Come to think of it, never saw you naked.

A:  I don’t take my clothes off. Even my body becomes more masculine, I don’t think I will show it to other people. It does not always feel great when other people see my body.. well if I like my body myself and be pleased, that is a different story. Thus I think now a days people have good body shape but they look alike too much. I have the body of my own.

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Onew – Arena Magazine Interview