Onew and Kim Ian was close during trainee days

[SM Actor Kim Ian- “Been through thick and thin with Henry, Onew….Savouring the ‘taste’ of acting…very happy/blissful

Even though they were both trainees during the same period (of time), Kim Ian who is older than Onew reminisces: “When (I was a) trainee, we would learn dancing from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, singing, acting, rap and among the trainees, only Onew stretched out his hand to me and went, “Hyung, let’s go practice/rehearse~”

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Onew and Kim Ian was close during trainee days

Onew – Cosmopolitan Magazine February Issue 2015

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Q: Both of you had some time off. I’m curious about how you spent that time.  

As you know, I had to take a long break due to my health condition. I really missed being on stage. Fortunately, the concert took place as planned last year, and in March SHINee will hold an exclusive concert at Tokyo Dome. We’re currently working hard to prepare for that. In the midst of that, I got invited to be in this pictorial, and so I excitedly boarded the plane to come here.

Q: Actually, before you guys took off and were in the lounge area, I heard that the both of you were very awkward with each other.

Leeteuk: Onew and I were of the relationship where we’d only just greet each other. Truthfully, I am sorry to SHINee about something. When other groups like f(x) or EXO were debuting, I helped them out by hosting their showcase or helping them make their slogan, like EXO’s ‘We are one.’ However, our timing didn’t work out with SHINee’s debut, so we weren’t able to interact with them in this way. So after thinking about who I should go on this trip with, I wondered what it’d be like to go with Onew. Onew-yah, see there is a deeper meaning as to why I wanted to come here with you~

Onew: Hahaha. I knew that I would be going with Teukie-hyung a while back. The first day on the plane, it was so awkward that we just kept watching movies. But on the other hand, I think our fans will like our collaboration, and so I look forward to it. Personally, this would be like a vacation for me so I definitely wanted to come. It was awkward at first, but hyung is good at leading, so it was fun. The staffs were especially good at responding to my humor.

Q: The 2 of you have your first vacation together, how do you feel?

Of course I had visited Singapore whenever we had a concert here, but this is the first time I’m here on vacation. I’ve always liked humid and warm places, and so as I got out from the plane with my padded jacket I shouted “It’s so nice!” I was worried that I would hurt my throat with my yelling. Hahaha. Because it was raining season, it rained for 4 days, which was a such a pity, but I’m very happy that I’m in a warm country.

Q: What would you say is the most memorable thing on this 4 days and 3 nights vacation?

When I had my solo shoot at the Movenpick hotel, I took a picture with the Merlion. I was told that was the daddy merlion. I wanted to take a picture with the other 2 Merlions, but I couldn’t find it. It was such a pity. When I had nothing on my schedule, I woke up early and swam in the beach, but I got tired within just a few minutes and had to go back. I rode the monorail, did indoor diving, ate ice cream at the shopping mall, and when I was at a toy store, someone asked “Do you want to buy this for someone?” I thought about it for a long time and wanted to buy everything! Although it was on a schedule, it was a good vacation. When the manager hyung and I wandered around, we walked beyond the tram by mistake, but that’s the fun part of going on vacation. There was one time when it rained pretty hard when I was on the way back to the hotel, I had to wait at the train station for quite a while and got caught in the rain while coming back. What is the most memorable thing for you, Teukie-hyung?

Q: I think Onew prepared a lot for this vacation on your own

I actually asked a friend who used to live in Singapore to recommend places that I should go. He recommended Dempsey hill which is located just behind Ochard road. On my first day here, we went there together and it was very nice. It isn’t just a seafood restaurant, it has an open-air cafe feel to it. It was nice. Ah! I heard it’s gorgeous at night. It’s a pity that I couldn’t go to Clarke Quay.

Q: Please say a few words to the fans, who you’re meeting through this pictorial in a long time

The collaboration between the 2 of us is very unique, I hope that the fans can feel a different kind of charm as they look at this pictorial. This year SHINee album will be out again, so please look forward to it. We’re currently working hard to prepared for the “SHINee World 2014~I’m Your Boy~Special Edition in Tokyo Dome” on March 14-15 at the Tokyo Dome. In addition to the concert, if opportunities arise I will show you various sides of me! Please give Onew a lot of support in the future!

tumblr_nih6yuRPtl1r8fs1io1_1280“Still awkward with hyung but lets have some champagne first”






tumblr_nih765YZEV1r8fs1io1_1280“I heard that there are 3 merlions in Singapore. They say one behind me is the daddy merlion”







“If you walk a bit from the resort, you’ll see the
Palawan beach. It’s cold in Korea, but it’s warm here, I like it!”





tumblr_nih72n2hK61r8fs1io1_1280“This is the beach tram that runs around Sentosa Island. It’s very vintage and picturesque”






tumblr_nih6vqNZBa1r8fs1io1_1280“Traveling freely on my own is nice, but I like to travel with others. Other people can offer better suggestions. I’m still lacking as a traveler, but I think walking around a bit is very good for relaxation, and the fascinating thing is seeing a new world unfolds around you. It’s a pity that I can’t meet the fans during that time. It’s so great to be able to meet everyone through this pictorial”




“It’s so great to be able to meet everyone in a long time. From now on, let’s meet more often”






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Onew – Cosmopolitan Magazine February Issue 2015

CECI Interview 2014 – Onew

CECI: People assume that if they don’t see you around, it means you’re resting. Like today, you took a time off from your schedule to come back to Korea for a while. How have you been?
Onew: As we released our 3rd album in Japan, we’re currently having our Japanese tour, SHINee World 2014 – I’m your Boy, with 30 dates. At every district, we’re performing live stages close to the audience who attends. As a closure to the tour, we’ll be performing our first exclusive Tokyo Dome tour for 2 days from next year March 14 – 15. We’re all excited with our good luck to give a good performance

CECI: It’s been few months since you underwent a surgery on your vocal cords. How’s your health (/body)? . For a singer, vocal cords must be a sensitive area
Onew: Thankfully, I’m much better. There were a lot of people who were worried about me. Because now I have to show a good form in Korea too. So I need to work harder.

CECI: (You) must have been shocked with the surgery decision
Onew: It wasn’t a matter which I had a choice in. I accepted it because there wasn’t any other option. Because they cut a little of my vocal cords, I could’t even make a sound immediately after the operation. I was lying down for about 3 and a half months.

CECI: You took care of yourself well during recover, right?
Onew: Because I couldn’t talk, I stayed at home. Eat, sleep, wake up and watch TV, then sleep again. Because they said sleep is good for my recovery, I hibernated while pretending to be a corpse. Luckily there wasn’t a time when I was bored because I kept sleeping (laughs). Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of water and speaking less to take good care (of myself)

CECI: You look composed (/calm) in any situation.
Onew: Actually, I’m not like that. Because I’m human, there are times when I’m like that and time when I’m not. Because a lot of people see me as a calm person, I’m not sure if it’s a good image or not. Maybe because my personality itself is gentle (he used onyu here. onyu = gentle/tender)

CECI: In order to excite a calm person like you, what are the necessary conditions?
Onew: Suggesting that we go travelling together, or suggesting a tasty restaurant. I would definitely try out tasty restaurants at a travelling place even if it’s far. Might as well eat something tasty while I’m at it.

CECI: Seems like you enjoy travelling alone
Onew: While I was resting, I traveled within the country. (CECI: Since a lot of people can recognize you, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable traveling alone?). The impression (/sense) I give before and after stage make up is very different than you think. Even though I can’t say I’m happy about the before and after make up being different, there’s definitely a merit during times like this.

CECI: if you were to express yourself in one sentence? Try writing one
Onew: I’m not really a useless person ((this sentence doesn’t sound so negative in Korean and it’s quite hard to translate the /exact/ meaning ><;;))

CECI: Where would you like the “usefulness” to shine at?
Onew: My voice has to shine but since I can’t now, it’s sad (/regretful)

CECI: The you after 10 years (would be)?
Onew: I will definitely be needed wherever I go? (laughs)

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CECI Interview 2014 – Onew