130801 Onew in Monthly-Icon Interview

Q: Onew‘s Ideal type

A: “I like a girl who is like soba noodles dipped in sauce. To put it simply, she fits well in anything she wears; no matter how she dresses up she still looks cute to me.. Hmm.. that type of noodles.”
Jonghyun “So are you trying to say you like noodles?”
Onew “=.= mm”

Q: A Message to fans

A: “We have debuted 5 years in Korea already, and 2 years in Japan already. Really grateful and glad that fans have been continuously giving us huge support. I am not saying this because of our busy period, but I really hope everyone can find happiness watching us. Have always been wanting to convey my thankful feelings to everyone”

src: shineebloom

130801 Onew in Monthly-Icon Interview