Onew kindly gave autograph asked by a fan despite in a rush to filming set


According to a person, the owner of this blog who got Onew’s autograph is a staff in a hospital where he was shooting for the drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’. 

Credits to Onewheart for translation 😊

Onew kindly gave autograph asked by a fan despite in a rush to filming set

150327 Onew in music bank in Hanoi full of manner

STAFF’S Fannacount 

When SHINee’s done with the rehearsal, Onew was the one who still stayed and bowed 90 degree to all the staffs. Then he walked into the backstage while taking off his jacket, revealing his T-shirt inside, he looks really sexy. At noon about 2 o’clock before the press conference, all the artists and their managers gathered at the hall near the lift. the conference room is on the same range with the office. When I went into the hall, there were 2 volunteers going with me, I went in last and the very first person I met was Onew, who was chatting with EXO and Minho and smiling so beautifully like sunshine. When I gained back my consciousness, I realized everyone is looking at me so I quickly walked inside. After that, all the artists moved to the press conference room and of course, on the way, they would have to walk pass the office, therefore I could look at Onew within a very close distance. He looks short next to Minho, both are thin. On the 28th night, when all of the artists had gone to the stage to get ready for the opening, Onew and CR went out last. Onew IS VERY POLITE. He bowed 90 degree to everyone. Because I had to stay in the backstage to monitor with the securities so when Onew went in to get changed (or to do anything), about 3 or 4 times, he run into me and the guards everytime and everytime he always bowed us politely. Even Onew himself found it funny because there’s too much greetings/bowing. Then we went on and on bowing to each other and Onew gave me a deadly EYE-CLOSED SMILE (I swear I almost cried at that time) I also want to add that I am a SHINee fan but most of the staffs who stayed there with me at the same area don’t even remember the artists name. But because of his polite act, all of the people there became fans of Onew (I’m also very happy about that). When it’s SHINee’s turn to perform, I had to go to the left backstage (VIP2), it’s SHINee’s waiting area. They went in when they’s done with the performances. Onew was very tired, he sit right on the floor and it wasn’t until 5 minutes later that he was able to stand up with the help of staffs. (I was 2 steps away from him but I didn’t dare to touch him, so heartbreaking). He sweat all over his body. After standing up, he run up stairs, breathing just for a bit and again, went out the stage while smiling to move to the encore part >< When the show finally ended, all the artists went to thank the staffs. They all bowed (but I notice Jonghyun didn’t, just nod his head coolly). At that time I was standing at the stairs (leading to the waiting room), on the right (VIP1/ to EXOand SHINee’s waiting room). Taemin and Minho also greeted a lot, Minho’s smile is really pretty, then Onew went up from behind me asking if we were ok, Minho looked at me and said “thank you” (I guess he didn’t hear me reply back or he was in a hurry so he didn’t say anything more). Onew was asked if he was fine by many staffs, his manager also went with him to help him walk. Though he was tired, smiles were always on his face. (T.T)

Source: SHINee’s Vietnamese Fanpage


Onew is the most polite in the group (actually, the Vietnamese word used here has slightly different meaning from ‘polite’ in English, you can understand it as ‘docile’, ‘nice’, kind’, ‘obedient’, etc. I can’t find a more suitable word than ‘polite’ though the word’s often used to praise good-nature children^^), he bowed whenever he saw someone, not the normal nod but the 90 degree bow while saying “Anyeonhaseyo” out loud :3 Very adorable =)) He didn’t smile much and looked kinda sad, his pink MC shirt was really cute but when he had the vest (everybody’s outfit) on, don’t even question me =(( he looked extremely handsome and gentlemen-like. =((

Source: Tran Thi Hanh Ngan

Credit for translations: Colin

150327 Onew in music bank in Hanoi full of manner

14.12.14 Worldwide fans celebrated Onew’s birthday + thank you message from Onew on twitter

Several significant events occured on Onew’s birthday that will be a wonderful memory forever.

1. Trending topic

On 12 midnight KST 14th of December 2014, fans all over the world rushed to wish for Onew’s birthday along with hashtags #26YearsofOnew. Few minutes later, this hashtag and ‘Lee Jinki’was trending #1 and #8 respectively.



2.  Donation

A big force of Onew union fan page which was created and joined by  thirteen Onew fansites 온더레코드, 온유랑, 온유이시여, Astronewnote, Healing Space, MERRY GO ROUND, No reason, Onleeonew, Onew Heart, SWEET BUNNY, Snow Flake, Sweet Sound, PAST PRESENT FUTURE accomplished a fund raising event. The results of fund collected among shawols, 7,000,000 won was donated through Naver Happy Bean to help Onew’s previous Alma Mater scholarship programme.Secondly, the union donated coal briquette to the impoverished people in South Korea. Third, a donation of 5,000,000 won each was also given to the Korean Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness and to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

1 2 OPVirvv


3. Celebrate!

SHINee performed on their last round of Japan Arena Tour concert in Kobe on 14th of December. The concert was a very memorable moment for Onew since the stadium was filled with audiences’ voices singing a birthday song, twice for him during encore. A cake was also prepared for him on stage. What made it more memorable is that Onew’s mother came and watch the concert too.

Compilation of various fanaccount translated by vanilahaato:

Jinki was trying to resist but in the end tears came out and when everyone sang “happy birthday onew”, he bowed in the middle of the song and couldn’t stand up. Then when he stood up, he said “I mustn’t cry~” as he tried to hide his wet eyes with a full smile. When the audiences sang again, he said  “Thank you very much. I love you. See you again” with a trembling voice. He was the last to leave the stage.

4. Onew tweeted

Later on, Onew tweeted to expressed his gratitude personally to all fans around the world.

Screenshot (3)

Translation by shiningtweets: Thank you to the many people who congratulated me. I love you

14.12.14 Worldwide fans celebrated Onew’s birthday + thank you message from Onew on twitter