CECI Interview 2014 – Onew

CECI: People assume that if they don’t see you around, it means you’re resting. Like today, you took a time off from your schedule to come back to Korea for a while. How have you been?
Onew: As we released our 3rd album in Japan, we’re currently having our Japanese tour, SHINee World 2014 – I’m your Boy, with 30 dates. At every district, we’re performing live stages close to the audience who attends. As a closure to the tour, we’ll be performing our first exclusive Tokyo Dome tour for 2 days from next year March 14 – 15. We’re all excited with our good luck to give a good performance

CECI: It’s been few months since you underwent a surgery on your vocal cords. How’s your health (/body)? . For a singer, vocal cords must be a sensitive area
Onew: Thankfully, I’m much better. There were a lot of people who were worried about me. Because now I have to show a good form in Korea too. So I need to work harder.

CECI: (You) must have been shocked with the surgery decision
Onew: It wasn’t a matter which I had a choice in. I accepted it because there wasn’t any other option. Because they cut a little of my vocal cords, I could’t even make a sound immediately after the operation. I was lying down for about 3 and a half months.

CECI: You took care of yourself well during recover, right?
Onew: Because I couldn’t talk, I stayed at home. Eat, sleep, wake up and watch TV, then sleep again. Because they said sleep is good for my recovery, I hibernated while pretending to be a corpse. Luckily there wasn’t a time when I was bored because I kept sleeping (laughs). Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of water and speaking less to take good care (of myself)

CECI: You look composed (/calm) in any situation.
Onew: Actually, I’m not like that. Because I’m human, there are times when I’m like that and time when I’m not. Because a lot of people see me as a calm person, I’m not sure if it’s a good image or not. Maybe because my personality itself is gentle (he used onyu here. onyu = gentle/tender)

CECI: In order to excite a calm person like you, what are the necessary conditions?
Onew: Suggesting that we go travelling together, or suggesting a tasty restaurant. I would definitely try out tasty restaurants at a travelling place even if it’s far. Might as well eat something tasty while I’m at it.

CECI: Seems like you enjoy travelling alone
Onew: While I was resting, I traveled within the country. (CECI: Since a lot of people can recognize you, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable traveling alone?). The impression (/sense) I give before and after stage make up is very different than you think. Even though I can’t say I’m happy about the before and after make up being different, there’s definitely a merit during times like this.

CECI: if you were to express yourself in one sentence? Try writing one
Onew: I’m not really a useless person ((this sentence doesn’t sound so negative in Korean and it’s quite hard to translate the /exact/ meaning ><;;))

CECI: Where would you like the “usefulness” to shine at?
Onew: My voice has to shine but since I can’t now, it’s sad (/regretful)

CECI: The you after 10 years (would be)?
Onew: I will definitely be needed wherever I go? (laughs)

credits: vanillahaato

CECI Interview 2014 – Onew