The Key to Idol Fandom’s Success: Deokhoo Mol-i Member

It is no exaggeration to say that idols grow with the power of fandom. Fandom became the most important and reliable supporter for an idol. In a group with many fans, there are certain members that draw more love from their fans. They are the ones taking care of so-called “deokhoo mol-i.” (aka driving/creating devoted fans). In an idol group, there are members who take care of certain specified field such as visual, singing skills, or suited for TV shows. A number of fans become interested to a group starting from the most renowned member, move onto knowing all members, and focus on to the “deokhoo mol-i” member. Deokhoo (fans) creating members, who have attractions that cannot be avoided because they are stickier than an ant hole and deeper than the black hole according to their fans, are gathered here.


Many say SHINee begins with Taemin and Minho then stays with Onew. Onew(溫流) as his name means, he is a fruit of smooth and warm charmings. Eyes with single eyelid that are slightly drooped, flawless white skin, and face that reminds of tofu and mochi, Onew receives biased love from deokhoos. Recently Onew lost weight, receiving a critique that tofu style appearance has vanished a bit but his bright smile and honey-like voice still remains. With warm look and smile that associate good looking sen-pai, Onew attracts high school girls who have romance toward university life and college girls who want vicarious satisfaction. Onew’s ability to drag deokhoos goes beyond borders. Not only Korean fans but also Japanese fans appeal to Onew-ache saying “Onew’s white front teeth are attractive” or “Squish Onew.”
With external charming points that attracts deokhoos, Onew buys maternal affection from fans with slightly clumsy and sloppy words and behaviors. Also in SBS’s Law of Jungle, the side of Onew where he eats anything very well gave assurance to his fans of “That’s my boy” and that developed cooking skills of fans.


Credits: rengjee

The Key to Idol Fandom’s Success: Deokhoo Mol-i Member

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