[TRANS] Onew mentioned on Freeguyhwan blog

Bo3fqbwIQAAgaSJBo3acEQIQAAHJpfSHINee’s member Onew came to Oops motors and Bondent by the introduction of an acquaintance to repair and polish his car.

To make interior and exterior cleaner, Oops motors worked with BonDent which manage the exterior.

Always strive to give the satisfaction of 99% of the way to finished the job.

Before car is out of the shop, Onew came here to pick it up, so we took a photo together.

We will continue to steadily managing onew’s car.

It is located in seongsudong, Seongdong-gu. I hope that more and more people will visit Oops motors and BonDent.

Credit: Oneworld143

Source: http://m.blog.naver.com/freeguyhwan/220015315069

[TRANS] Onew mentioned on Freeguyhwan blog

140527 A Ballet Instructor praises Onew

A random day at the ballet studio with SHINee’s Onew ~ Learning ballet and stretching ~ So cute even when sweating ~ Really need to praise this friend ! Always enthusiastic, warm and hardworking. Really thankful for how enthusiastic he responds whenever he learns sth new from the teacher ~ Always smile~ smile. Even with his busy and tiring schedule he still smiles ~ Really likeable ! Teacher is now a shawol and also an onew fan.

source:  Ballet Mihak Blog

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140527 A Ballet Instructor praises Onew