Fanaccounts Compilations from several BMU Special Event 131008-11

131011 BMU Event in Nagoya

Onew said, “I like 1000-nen zutto soba ni ite. The reason is, I like my voice,” with a smug look. Then Minho said, “I like Onew’s voice too,” and both of them hugged tightly. Hearing that, Key commented, “So is today a Confession Day?”

During Breaking News, Jonghyun’s cap fell and Onew picked it up and wore it. For a while he kept dancing wearing the cap. When Jonghyun went passed Onew he took his cap back from Onew’s head and wore it. While these happened, they were grinning as they look at each other.

Taemin took off the lady hat and made Onew wore it. For a while Onew sang as he wore that and then he took it off and returned it to Taemin’s head. And this repeated…

Q: Which is your fav Japanese phrase from the songs?

ON: Eh~ oh woo~♪ (His part from Password)

ON: This part is in Japanese too, right!

During Breaking News, Taemin smacked Onew’s bottom quite hard that I could almost hear it. Onew turned to him and just smiled

During Breaking News, Onew and Taemin bumped into each other when they’re about to change position. Even so they just laughed ahahaha

12 years old fan’s question: What would you do if you can be invisible?

JH: I won’t wear clothes

Audience laughed. Onew somehow was a bit slow at it.

After giving it a though…

ON: There’s no need to wear clothes!!

Yes, everyone knew it already LOL

ON: I got to meet everyone and ate delicious food! Really, thank you very much!

Things that they definitely bring along while travelling…

ON: Cap! Because I sleep a lot so I use it to cover myself

After the talk session everyone went back to standby for the songs. Onew kept bowing numerous time till the end.


131009 BMU Event in Osaka

Q: If you were to create a band among members?

JH: Onew, what can you do (play)?

ON: ………(⌒▽⌒)

KEY: Onew, please be the leader.

ON: I can… jump!

Taemin couldn’t open his capsule so Onew and Minho both tried to help him at the same time. In the end it was Onew who opened it and passed the question to Taemin. But Taemin was slow to react, so Minho took the chance to give the question from the capsule that he opened to the MC before Taemin could give the one in his hand. So Onew said to Taemin, “Slow.”

When asked what is their fav bread, Onew answered “Melon bread!”

Q: what’s ur fav song?

Onew: Burning up because you get to burn up easily

In a TV program before Key said “nagashi soumen” as “nagashi shoumen”, but he said it properly today LOL He said that the taste was like any other soumen, but having it flow in the bamboo was nice. Onew apparently mumbled, “Just bamboo (Take dake).”

(T/N: *soumen – white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour

** Just bamboo – another Onew’s pun. Take = bamboo, dake = just/only)

During Sherlock, when they lined up in the end, Onew had his hands around Taemin’s waist just for a moment.

How to handle a moody girlfriend..

TM: I don’t have a girlfriend so I don’t know.

Then Onew said something in Korean, which made Taemin and Minho attack him back by pretending to kick him. The interpreter was about to translate what Onew said but was stopped halfway by Jonghyun.

(T/N: From other fanacc, apparently Onew said that Taemin doesn’t have a girlfriend but he has a wife.)

What is Boys Meet U concept?

JH: Of course, gentle!

ON: Boys Meet U ♡

KEY: Just like the title is

After that, probably Onew was imagining something.

He suddenly blurted “Ahhaaaaaaaa~”

While everyone else was speaking in Japanese, suddeny Onew blurted “A-ha?” What a globalized respond.

The interpreter didn’t have to translate much this time. That shows just how their Japanese skills have improved, so I’m moved at how good their Japanese skills are right now. Of course, Onew’s skill surpassed Asia though LOL.

Final talk

ON: I feel so happy to meet everyone here.


131008 BMU Event in Fukuoka

During the question from the fan corner, when the MC was reading the question, Onew sat in front of Jonghyun. Seeing Onew, Jonghyun pressed Onew’s head with his forefinger.

Asked about memories of the tour…

ON: The stage was cool.

Everyone else: ?

ON: During the ballad songs, the stage in the middle would rise up and rotate…

Key then cut in, “Okay~ what a nice episode there~” and let it flow away.

Question from fan, “If you can be any other thing or person, what would it be?

Onew said he wants to be an axe. When asked why, he gave a confusing answer, saying he wants to try to cut all the tree for once.

When the MC was reading the question, Onew faced Jonghyun and covered his mouth so that others couldn’t see what he was saying as he whispered something to Jonghyun. Then they both looked at each other, laughing hard as they smacked one another.

Cr: koreashygeeks, redndazzling

Fanaccounts Compilations from several BMU Special Event 131008-11

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