Fanaacounts during Everbody prerecording on various music shows

M Countdown 131031: onew so nice.. he greeted the fans at the end. cr: nikita_laem. While going up the stage for 2nd recording, polite Onew, with a stiff neck, still bowed to the staff members (source: 我外子是珍木偶)

Fanaacounts during Everbody prerecording on various music shows

Polite onew on Show Champion 131026

Start watching from 3:30. Onew didn’t stop bowing at the staffs backstage. I love the fact that he didn’t realise he was filmed. That shows that’s his real manner, a polite person ^_^

Polite onew on Show Champion 131026


(Page 129-131)

Similar yet Different, Slowly, Relax

Due to oversea promotions and schedules in recent few years, the amount of flights taken abroad has increased.  Wonder if people who loves travelling will let out a “Wah, so jealous” upon seeing my passport full of stamps.  To be honest, oversea performances and schedules isn’t as relaxing as it seems (T/N: I think he means sth like it’s hard to enjoy the scenery/unseen places etc cos their schedules are always so packed?). Besides, in countries where people already know us, we are unable to casually walk beyond the hotel area so the chances of experiencing local cultures in different countries is very limited indeed. Sometimes when people ask me what dishes I enjoyed the most abroad, my answer is “Room Service” and once someone even fell backwards upon hearing my answer.(T/N: Guess the person was “shocked”? LOL) Perhaps the reason why I enjoyed this trip must be this reason; the ability to relax and enjoy the Spanish culture. No matter which restaurant, I can still see many Spanish dishes I have never seen before. Following “Spain Time”, always eating breakfast and dinner really late, entertainment past midnight, going to the market to buy fruits to make sandwiches etc, all these made a big impression on me.

Out of all these things, I happened to meet K’s friend, Jordy and his family. It’s a wonderful experience I will never forget for a very long time. Natalia and Jordy couple, who gave birth to 2 kids: 4 year old Geel and 2 year old Naury. Whenever they have spare time, they will stroll around the park in front of their house. Strolling across the park in loose casual clothes, with fruits + sandwiches, the walk transforms into a picnic. The kids play crazily bare-footed on the green grass. The area becomes bigger so worries also becomes bigger I guess. But weirdly dad & mom looked more relaxed and easy-going than in their crowded little home. The time we spent together, the brunch and mini-picnic we prepared together. As though a Barcelona resident singing songs and playing peek-a-boo with Jordy and the kids. Enjoying daily-life casually at the park. Ah, how long has it been this relaxing. That picnic, 5 guys, happily running in the park.

-Onew’s PAELLA-



 (Page 239-241)
Everyone is sleeping but I’m awake alone

Barcelona is really an interesting city. Lively, exciting, fulfilling, that’s why there isn’t any moment when I felt bored. Perhaps in the far far future, coming here for honeymoon trip with the person I marry might be an interesting idea. Or perhaps come visit here with parents after a few years is a good choice too. Will have this type of thinking but interestingly, after coming back (home), keep thinking over and over again. Rather than searching non-stop for those local small shops in small streets & lanes or whatever places. What made a big impression on me was relaxing and observing quietly the people who walked past the small coffee-shop next to the church. After some time, thinking back about Barcelona should have a “Ah, spent a great time in this city listening to the church bells ringing” kind of thinking? Hearing the bell sounds from the quiet streets whilst the city is still sleeping. All the worries and thoughts are vanished. Becoming touched without any reasons . Staying in place until the coffee becomes cool. It will be even better if there is someone to talk to (T/N: Since he was sitting in the coffee shop alone XD). If that person can spy into my heart (T/N: he means sth like if that person can understand what he is feeling). Even if it is just a little bit, it’s great. Even if it is not like that, it doesn’t matter.

The angle of sunlight shining on the ground, the weight of the lights, the clamorous sounds, the unfamiliar atmosphere that brings along a happy mood. Pairing with this scenery, no matter who is next to you or if you are alone, it doesn’t matter as you can still feel the happiness. Until now, one of the reasons why I can still vaguely remember the memories in Barcelona is this type of relaxing atmosphere (time) that only belonged to me called “SIESTA”. Not much talking, but the time when your hearts are opened fully.

As I cherish this moment a lot, I dropped down quite a few words.
As oppose to the photos Key captured, I’m more of the type to write words to express my feelings.
Seems like rather than digital, I’m more of an analogue person.
Using “write articles” to describe writing diaries at that time (in Barcelona) seem to be a bit too generous.
Using “record” seems more suitable.
Bringing a little notepad whilst travelling. Organizing and writing down everything that is on my head when time allows
Although there is a tendency of using notepad on mobile phones lately, I seem to write down stuff using words more than taking pictures.
I have been writing diaries ever since I was young till now.
But never dare to read what I have written when I was young, although curious, I have never once opened it to read again.
Perhaps you can say I’m shy/embarrassed, as it is stuff that only I know about.
Feel embarrassed that I’m reading about a younger myself? (T/N: He means like he feels embarrassed reading about what he has written in the past)
Like that, just want to treasure (keep) it.
Instead, I will occasionally flip open letters that I have received from friends in primary school.
A lot of friends wrote “you really suit yellow clothes”. Whenever I read that, I start laughing for a long time.
Do I really wear yellow clothes a lot?
In Barcelona, walking though historical architectures, there is a slight moment of joy
If I think deeply whilst walking towards them. Comparing with new modern architectures, you can feel as though they are telling you “kid, I was born before your grandpa’s grandpa”
That kind of thought is too interesting
Is it because I like talking to my soul?
Like walking in a movie, Or like walking in an animation. Where different generations can be exchanged
Sometimes the people who walk past you might be from other generations
Came here through a time machine
Thinking all these whilst walking slowly
This to me are all happy attractive memories



About “SIESTA”
In Spanish, “SIESTA” means nap, and it occurs everyday from 1pm.
Everyone here are deeply engaged with their nap until 6pm when the sun slowly sets.
A day’s highlight happens on the 2nd half.
The Mediterranean sea sunlight, the gentle sea-breeze, the fragrant red wine, the delicious chef salad, Picasso’s drawings, scenes after scenes of relaxing south-European movies, Madrid’s street football, Latin America’s mysterious legends, French pop-songs, Bossa Nova…
All these are enjoyable methods to “support” Spain’s dreamland, which is also how Siesta’s music idea came from

[-Onew’s SIESTA-]

source: tumblr
eng trans: vivz @ sp


[Fanaccount] 131019 Onew in smtown concert beijing

4 of them were very polite, not naughty at all. Especially Onew, just like his name “Onew”. He gives off a very warm feeling. Each time when he walks in and out, when he saw me standing at the side, he’ll walk over and bow/greet. Very friendly.

Source: KimYeoNa_Nuna

[Fanaccount] 131019 Onew in smtown concert beijing

131010-11 Fanaccounts Compilations on music shows pre-recordings

131010 M Countdown

Minho hugged jinki from behind right after finishing the song ㅠㅠ

Jinki was so dead tired on the floor after performing ㅠㅠ and minho waited for him and then put a hand on his shoulder

Jinki had his mic not at his mouth but the opposite side. Taemin kept saying stuff into Jinki’s mic kekeke. After the first prerecording, Jinki was lying on the floor with his arms up, unable to get up. Minho passed by and helped him up TTTTT

Inside Jinki’s jacket was a white sleeveless shirt..♥_♥,. Oppa..♥After Jinki’s arm spinning move is over, his mic would always be facing outward, so he’s busy fixing his mic TTTT

MCD Everybody was pre recorded twice and ended! Jinki was wearing the outfit and hat from today’s MV article picture TTTT The details on the die were a bit different TTTT Jinki took off the jacket after the prerecording and his sleeveless shirt and muscles with veins on it!! TTTT


131011 Inkigayo

The stage background prop suddenly had some problem, everyone was shouting “Danger” in order to get them off the stage quickly. Lee Jinki and Choi Minho were like a big boss sitting on the stage without making any movement, then suddenly the top (according to other fan accounts, it’s the overhead camera and lightings) shook again, Lee Jinki scooted off like a rabbit and came down standing on his feet. He kept shaking his head while on the stage.

When they got on the stage to prepare, the other members were all interacting with the fans, Jinki got on the stage and laid down on the stage in preparation, he will raised his head every now and then, looked to the left and right.

Jinki was interacting with the fans at the ending when he suddenly said, “엄마 보고싶어”. (I miss my mom)

Onew kneeled on the stage and danced “MAMA”.

Onew patted Minho’s chest and then pulled Minho up after a recording.

After another recording ended, lying on the stage, Onew raised his legs up and jumped up using his abdominal strength.

OnHo were playing childish games.

Onew’s hair will be messy whenever he removes his hat.

Minho hugged Onew when thanking the fans at the ending. Onew looked really small but Minho also looked very small among the staff.

OnTae will always have their arms around each other’s shoulders going on stage.

After the 4th recording ended with the ending pose, the boys used all kinds of ways to get to the starting position and just wouldn’t stand up. Onew rolled twice.

Onew walked like a zombie before getting on stage. Taemin followed Onew and became one too.

Onew came down to leave SBS. The manager tricked the fans by bringing Onew away to another place then brought Onew to take the elevator. Onew whom was hiding under his hoodie, could only follow by holding on to the manager, Onew is too cute while being led away by the manager!!!!!!

SHINee are in the building! Just arrived in a glass elevator and Onew was pulling faces at us and waving and grinning!!!!

Onew came down especially just to greet the fans, didn’t come out, just waved and smiled widely at us. Because its late and cold!

SHINee have been in the building this whole time but the elevator is glass and can be seen from the outside so they came down to say hi~~! Onew came down with the members. They’re handing out coffee, bread and kimbap now!!!

Onew and Key flee backstage and Taemin wanders around.

Onew is the cutest though because he hobbles around set and grins and takes ages getting off the floor. He played with the head PD a lot.


131011 Music Bank

Intro was recorded first, 5 of them laid down on the stage. Onew while laying down will made “Aigoo, aigoo” sounds… as if suffering from arthritis. Onew then even purposely made snoring noises.

Onew practiced the windmill movement before dancing.

Before dancing, Onew laid down on the floor making “aigoo” sounds. When opening stage, Onew laid on the floor and said, “goodnight~”. This voice is really ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

131010-11 Fanaccounts Compilations on music shows pre-recordings

Fanaccounts Compilations from several BMU Special Event 131008-11

131011 BMU Event in Nagoya

Onew said, “I like 1000-nen zutto soba ni ite. The reason is, I like my voice,” with a smug look. Then Minho said, “I like Onew’s voice too,” and both of them hugged tightly. Hearing that, Key commented, “So is today a Confession Day?”

During Breaking News, Jonghyun’s cap fell and Onew picked it up and wore it. For a while he kept dancing wearing the cap. When Jonghyun went passed Onew he took his cap back from Onew’s head and wore it. While these happened, they were grinning as they look at each other.

Taemin took off the lady hat and made Onew wore it. For a while Onew sang as he wore that and then he took it off and returned it to Taemin’s head. And this repeated…

Q: Which is your fav Japanese phrase from the songs?

ON: Eh~ oh woo~♪ (His part from Password)

ON: This part is in Japanese too, right!

During Breaking News, Taemin smacked Onew’s bottom quite hard that I could almost hear it. Onew turned to him and just smiled

During Breaking News, Onew and Taemin bumped into each other when they’re about to change position. Even so they just laughed ahahaha

12 years old fan’s question: What would you do if you can be invisible?

JH: I won’t wear clothes

Audience laughed. Onew somehow was a bit slow at it.

After giving it a though…

ON: There’s no need to wear clothes!!

Yes, everyone knew it already LOL

ON: I got to meet everyone and ate delicious food! Really, thank you very much!

Things that they definitely bring along while travelling…

ON: Cap! Because I sleep a lot so I use it to cover myself

After the talk session everyone went back to standby for the songs. Onew kept bowing numerous time till the end.


131009 BMU Event in Osaka

Q: If you were to create a band among members?

JH: Onew, what can you do (play)?

ON: ………(⌒▽⌒)

KEY: Onew, please be the leader.

ON: I can… jump!

Taemin couldn’t open his capsule so Onew and Minho both tried to help him at the same time. In the end it was Onew who opened it and passed the question to Taemin. But Taemin was slow to react, so Minho took the chance to give the question from the capsule that he opened to the MC before Taemin could give the one in his hand. So Onew said to Taemin, “Slow.”

When asked what is their fav bread, Onew answered “Melon bread!”

Q: what’s ur fav song?

Onew: Burning up because you get to burn up easily

In a TV program before Key said “nagashi soumen” as “nagashi shoumen”, but he said it properly today LOL He said that the taste was like any other soumen, but having it flow in the bamboo was nice. Onew apparently mumbled, “Just bamboo (Take dake).”

(T/N: *soumen – white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour

** Just bamboo – another Onew’s pun. Take = bamboo, dake = just/only)

During Sherlock, when they lined up in the end, Onew had his hands around Taemin’s waist just for a moment.

How to handle a moody girlfriend..

TM: I don’t have a girlfriend so I don’t know.

Then Onew said something in Korean, which made Taemin and Minho attack him back by pretending to kick him. The interpreter was about to translate what Onew said but was stopped halfway by Jonghyun.

(T/N: From other fanacc, apparently Onew said that Taemin doesn’t have a girlfriend but he has a wife.)

What is Boys Meet U concept?

JH: Of course, gentle!

ON: Boys Meet U ♡

KEY: Just like the title is

After that, probably Onew was imagining something.

He suddenly blurted “Ahhaaaaaaaa~”

While everyone else was speaking in Japanese, suddeny Onew blurted “A-ha?” What a globalized respond.

The interpreter didn’t have to translate much this time. That shows just how their Japanese skills have improved, so I’m moved at how good their Japanese skills are right now. Of course, Onew’s skill surpassed Asia though LOL.

Final talk

ON: I feel so happy to meet everyone here.


131008 BMU Event in Fukuoka

During the question from the fan corner, when the MC was reading the question, Onew sat in front of Jonghyun. Seeing Onew, Jonghyun pressed Onew’s head with his forefinger.

Asked about memories of the tour…

ON: The stage was cool.

Everyone else: ?

ON: During the ballad songs, the stage in the middle would rise up and rotate…

Key then cut in, “Okay~ what a nice episode there~” and let it flow away.

Question from fan, “If you can be any other thing or person, what would it be?

Onew said he wants to be an axe. When asked why, he gave a confusing answer, saying he wants to try to cut all the tree for once.

When the MC was reading the question, Onew faced Jonghyun and covered his mouth so that others couldn’t see what he was saying as he whispered something to Jonghyun. Then they both looked at each other, laughing hard as they smacked one another.

Cr: koreashygeeks, redndazzling

Fanaccounts Compilations from several BMU Special Event 131008-11

Onew – Arena Magazine Interview


Q1: Usually when there is no schedule,  what do you do?

A: Usually sleep, sleep, sleep or go outside. I like playing darts so I’ll go out alone.

Q2: You go there alone? Don’t you feel uncomfortable when people recognize you, say hello, or ask you for autograph?

A:  Is there any problem with going out alone? I have no discomfort going out alone. I don’t care much about such things.

Q3: There are many games to play, but why specifically do you play darts?

A:  I tried playing billiards and bowling, then I moved to playing darts. It is attractive. These days, darts machine developed so that you can play it with stranger on line. It is totally fine to play it alone.

Q4: not long ago, the sitcom ended. You set your foot on the field of acting.

A: at first, it was a bit burdensome. Being a singer, the thought of ‘how should I act?’ kept arising in my head. Actors are people who are trained for acting from the beginning. There are people like them, but I just got the good chance; I didn’t want to be a harm to them.

Q5: Have you fallen in to the attraction of acting?

A: I had fun, but it was hard for me not to express at the same time as I express.

Q6: huh? What do you mean?

A: As a singer, I always try to find the camera. Not looking into camera and do something is very difficult.  Furthermore, the shooting of the sitcom was done in a theatrical way. It was  taken straight uncut from the beginning  to end. If I forgot the lines, I had to do ad-libs but I have acted in musicals before so I could overcome the mistakes naturally.

Q7: You are the leader of the group as well as the eldest. What is the privileges of being a leader?

A: A privileged leader? For example, when I go (abroad<- not written in the korean script, but bc of the context we can assume that he goes abroad) to hotels for performances, I get to use the room by myself. Usually we are divided into groups of two, two and one, so I get to use the room alone.

Q8: If so, what type of elder brother you  are, aside from being leader?

A: It seems like I just embrace everything. In the past, I wasn’t that sort of person, but at some point I changed. Or else, I get stressed out. But it does not mean that I compel them to follow my directions.

Q9: Do you hang out with your group members?

A: I see them 24/7, why should I see them for another occasion again? What kind of topic do I have to talk about with them? I should make topics to talk about outside the group. Each group members have their own friends.. I hang out with my friends from elementary, middle, and high school.

Q10: Do you open purse when you play with friends?

A: Yes, our rule is whoever is able to pay pays.

Q11: Then Onew, you must be a great friend among friends.

A: When I could not visit my parents for 2 to 3 years after the debut, my friends even postponed the serving in the military duty to behave like sons to my parents. They were very considerate, and they visited my parents’ shop and they even visited my parents in holidays because they were worried about my parents who must have felt lonely. That’s why I do not feel any wasted (when I open my wallet for them).

Q12: They are such amazing friends. Are your friends nice or did you just maintain good relationship with them?

A: It’s because they are nice so that I can maintain a good relationship. Hmm. Because they got their girl friends, they are starting to neglect me than before.. When a friend brings his girl friend with him, we hang out together with her. I sit next to them saying “Are you feeling happy?”. To my real friends or close acquaintances I tell them “do not think of me as a celebrity.” I don’t have to meet my friends feeling awkward.

Q13: You changed your hair color. Even such a thing is a hot topic among fans.  Your every little move attracts attention and don’t you feel as if you are the center of the universe?

A: Not at all. Before I became a celebrity I thought like that but not anymore. I  am only a small part of this world. Th  place I’m sitting now, is not visible from a far. Performing in front of  thousands of audiences? It will also look like nothing and can’t be seen from the far; it’s nothing.

Q14: It has been five years since you debuted. What do you think has changed?

A:  I became bold. At first everything was hard and awkward. But now when I work, I think “Oh, I have done that before.” Then now though I have something I have never done before, I think ‘If I do this now, I would do it better next time.’

Q15: You have become more handsome,  don’t you feel it?

A: Not long ago, I looked at the photos from my elementary school. There was a picture of myself laughing, and it was the same as the present. It was highly amazing because I could tell that the structure of my bones were the only thing changed. My look, it’s because the staff members take a good care of my hair and make-ups. Everyone can be handsome if you make your mind and get cared of.

Q16: Does it mean that you don’t feel proud of yourself when you look into the mirror?

A: To feel proud of myself, I take care of my fashion these days. I’m aging- it doesn’t mean that I became old- I wanted to dress myself up a little since I am of an age that can bloom. In the past all I did was to think about it, but now I am trying to take action. I ask this and that, and I try them on.

Q17: Idol’s necessity, the good shaped body. Do you build up your body?

A: You mean, training? Yes, these days I do a bit.

Q18:  Do you have good body shape?

A: no.

Q19: Come to think of it, never saw you naked.

A:  I don’t take my clothes off. Even my body becomes more masculine, I don’t think I will show it to other people. It does not always feel great when other people see my body.. well if I like my body myself and be pleased, that is a different story. Thus I think now a days people have good body shape but they look alike too much. I have the body of my own.

PS: Please credit all of these peoples mentioned below if you want to take out this translation to appreciate their hard work.

Cr: noonaontokki, 0new_kpoplove, reng3318, tofrom1214

Onew – Arena Magazine Interview