A couple named their child ‘Onew’

A couple in the press conference of SBS popular variety show ‘mate’ announced that they are fan of onew and have named their upcoming baby, onew. The wife is 6 months pregnant with the child. Previously the husband has announced that he is fan of onew in other episode.

source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109665156

A couple named their child ‘Onew’

130817 Netizens fangirling over “Onew & blue Jacket”

the comments are bunch of overdose over onew’s coolness and beauty. Many called him pretty, awesome and literally killed by his coolness

also in between of dying over his coolness, someone commented “Mine ♡”.


The topic is one the most viewed topics of today

source: bestiz

130817 Netizens fangirling over “Onew & blue Jacket”

Onew In Your Eyes -TTBY Japan Premium Event


Although the video is not clear, his voice alone is enough to melt us~~

His smile at the end ^^ He looks surprised with the cheers from the audiences =)

Japanese fans’ comments:

“onew’s stage melted the ice of event”

even non-shawols were melted by onew’s stage. “onew seemed a bit nervous at first, but it grabbed my heart, love onew’s voice”

cr: ezuka16


130816 Contestant of Superstar K5 likes Onew

Superstar is a tv program that looks for new talented singer. The foreign girls were asked which Kpop group/idol they likes. One of the girls answered that she likes handsome man, Onew. The another girl sitting beside her nodding as agreement. ^^


[Dailykpopnews] SHINee’s Onew catches two new hearts

Two of the aspirants of Superstar K5,  the fifth current season, mentioned SHINee’s Onew.
When MVP were asked who’s their K-Pop idol, they said without a doubt and with a huge smile from their face the name of Onew.

source: http://www.dkpopnews.net/2013/08/shinees-onew-catches-two-new-hearts.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

130816 Contestant of Superstar K5 likes Onew

Directior of Royal Villa praised Onew’s acting

‘Royal Villa’ Director Kim Seokyoon: Onew is the best at acting among idols. His growing(improving) acting can be seen and his acting spectrum expands bit by bit in every episode. He’s a friend that can be anticipated even more in future.

Directior of Royal Villa praised Onew’s acting

Praises from staffs about Onew backstage

“우리 언니는 다른 아이돌 칭찬 별로안했는데, 온유에대한 칭찬은 전혀 아끼지 않았어. 다른 스탭들도 마찬가지였고.
온유는 지금 모든 스탭들한테 사랑받고있음. 다들 온유는 너무 예의 바르고, 스위트하다고 하네. 특히 조금 아니였던 아이돌들이랑 비하면. 소녀시대의 서현도 마찬가지, 온유 만큼은 아니지만.”

my sister didn’t have many compliments to give about the idols at all, but she didn’t hold back with onew. neither did any of the staff. onew has the love of every single staff member. so polite, so sweet, is what they’re all saying. esp in comparison to the other idols who were uh, :/ at best. same, to a lesser extent, for snsd’s seohyun.”

cr: stanningotps’ tumblr

Praises from staffs about Onew backstage

[October 2010] Sung Si-Kyung mentioned Onew

Sung Si-Kyung: “these days, idols? Onew-Taeyang are praiseworthy (awesome)”

Sung Si-Kyung, the king of ballad in Korea went to military service and when came back was in shock that music industry is conquered by idols, a bit sad about his own songs not doing so well. He continued:

“But still, it was great to see old friends named Onew of SHINee are interested in the song and liked it.”

And continues how happy he is to have this kind of supportive friends /in difficult times/

cr: asiae new

[October 2010] Sung Si-Kyung mentioned Onew