Japanese Ray Magazine – Onew

Q: What is the one thing that you will bring to Japan?
Onew: My makeup bag! Inside has all my cleansing and cosmetic products. When i was younger, there isn’t much a need to take care of my skin. Now that i’m getting older, as a man, i have to take care of it.

Q: If tomorrow is a holiday, how do you want to spend it?
Onew: No matter how tired i am i want to go out and play. (total opposite from certain people) But i want to go somewhere where it’s not crowded at all. I want to go to somewhere where i can enjoy nature, go to somewhere familiar. A place where i can just relax.

Q: What’s the one thing that you want to overcome?
Onew: My tiredness! Recently i get tired very easily. It will be good if i can overcome my tiredness so i can do more things.

Q: Recently, what’s the thing that is able to make you feel stress?
Onew: My sitcom. Nowadays, I’m acting in a sitcom. It’s super stressful. But as I persevere and goes on, I realised I can do this. Through this, I have gain quite a bit of confidence. If there is still a chance, I would want to act again.

Q: What is a one requirement to fulfill your dream?
Onew: It must be a dream that is comes right from the inner of your heart.

Q: What kinds of actions that comes from a girl that will make your heart flutter?
Onew: An innocent girl. A girl with no motives. If i see a girl that looks cute and is also kind-hearted, i will feel really happy.

Q: Fill in your own blanks. “Don’t look at me like this, i’m actually a ____ man”
Onew: I’m a ticking bomb *laughs*. What do you think is my personality like? (Reporter suddenly got asked by Onew and they replied: gentle) I may look like i’m very honest and sincere but there are times I will just suddenly explode. I get angry when I see people doing inappropriate things. Or when people asking asking me to do the same things over and over again. But after I get angry, I will bow my head and apologise.

Japanese Ray Magazine – Onew

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