Cancam Magazine Interview October 2013 – Onew

EDITORIAL: The cheerful new song “Boys Meet U” expresses the fluttering heart of a boy being in love. So what kind of girl would captivate you?

ONEW: The one with cute gestures! I wish for her to show it to me in secret.

EDITORIAL: If you have a girlfriend, which do you prefer between talking on the telephone or e-mailing?

ONEW: When it’s too troublesome to type the mails, I will call instead!

KEY: Troublesome, you say… (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: How are you going to plan your first date so that you can make her “fall for you and be your captive”?

ONEW: I guess I would watch a performance with her.

EDITORIAL: Our photoshoot concept this time is shopping in the supermarket for ingredients to cook for your girlfriend. What would you cook for her?

ONEW: Dukbokki~ (Korean spicy rice cake)!!

EDITORIAL: Is there anything at the supermarket that you would somehow end up buying it?ONEW: Milk! Milk!

I want to walk around and eat nice food along the streets of Japan!

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I’ll confess and wait. Half and half, I guess. Like chickens. (※ Apparently in Korea, you can choose half and half whether to apply the sauce or not)

Q. Tell us your charm in simple words!
A. Nice voice!

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
A. Talk about everything with the members.

credits for translation: red

Cancam Magazine Interview October 2013 – Onew

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