130820 News about Onew in Royal Villa sitcom

‘Royal Villa’ chic onew, great acting, ‘rediscovery of the idol’

Onew’s acting was totally a blown away in Korea. There were 4 articles about it, I give you the summary:


SHINee’s onew acting in Royal Villa doesn’t seem at all from a rookie. With onew’s chic look and high depth of acting, you can’t believe the fact that it’s his first comedy acting challenge. Reviewers reviewed the sitcom/onew’s acting by saying the acting is flawless and as a singer but also as an actor he is smooth. His acting was well-received by reviewers.

Cr: osen news


In another news we have:

“SHINee member onew is expected to get more popular with acting”

Praising onew’s acting again and we also have broadcast netizens comment. “It’s better than expected, this idol has incredible acting skills”, “this idol is not only a singer, but also has acting skills”, “Seems to acted as much as I need to give recognition (This netizen waited for enough episodes to be aired and finally acknowledged onew’s acting)”.

Cr: Tvdaily

“Despite onew being a singer, but he appeared far more than expectations and is attracting attention to his growth as an actor. Looking forward for more growth/exposure as an actor”

Cr: kwnews


Credit for trans: 0new_kpoplove

130820 News about Onew in Royal Villa sitcom

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