Cancam Magazine Interview October 2013 – Onew

EDITORIAL: The cheerful new song “Boys Meet U” expresses the fluttering heart of a boy being in love. So what kind of girl would captivate you?

ONEW: The one with cute gestures! I wish for her to show it to me in secret.

EDITORIAL: If you have a girlfriend, which do you prefer between talking on the telephone or e-mailing?

ONEW: When it’s too troublesome to type the mails, I will call instead!

KEY: Troublesome, you say… (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: How are you going to plan your first date so that you can make her “fall for you and be your captive”?

ONEW: I guess I would watch a performance with her.

EDITORIAL: Our photoshoot concept this time is shopping in the supermarket for ingredients to cook for your girlfriend. What would you cook for her?

ONEW: Dukbokki~ (Korean spicy rice cake)!!

EDITORIAL: Is there anything at the supermarket that you would somehow end up buying it?ONEW: Milk! Milk!

I want to walk around and eat nice food along the streets of Japan!

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I’ll confess and wait. Half and half, I guess. Like chickens. (※ Apparently in Korea, you can choose half and half whether to apply the sauce or not)

Q. Tell us your charm in simple words!
A. Nice voice!

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
A. Talk about everything with the members.

credits for translation: red

Cancam Magazine Interview October 2013 – Onew

130822 Fanaaccounts – ‘The Misconception of Us’ fansigning event


F:i like ur adlib in Like a Fire

ON:which? babybabybebbab(did quickly, got tongue twisted) this? (laughs kkk)

F:pls sing it live later ok?


Fan: If it is not Onew, I will definitely not get into a relationship or get married

Onew(started laughing while signing):  What if you are not able to make it in your whole life?

Fan: I was worrying about this…

Onew: Fighting~


F soon 2 wed told shinee giving invitation

ON:really? congrats


F:i’m watching Royal Villa well

ON (hiding face w/ hands):i feel shy

F:ur acting is good

ON:not quite so


F:what is fashion to onew?

ON:to make myself as i like? (n smiles)


Fan: Can I become a female ghost and pay the rent to stay with you?

Onew: You have not reached the age of becoming a ghost (cr: DC)


A fan wanted to tell Jinki that he’s her mother’s son-in-law. But she was too nervous and said that Jinki is her son-in-law. And Jinki’s response was, “eh?” *nods his head* and called the fan mother-in-law.


A fan asked jinki if he’s allergic to cucumbers…. then he answered.. not allergy but just don’t like it…


A fan ask when will the egg on his dp hatched and he said it’s not the one that is going to hatched


A fan has prepared this drawing to make him laugh. But he didn’t notice at first and signed on them.

After a moment he realized that drawing and kept saying sorry. She said on her FA, it’s her fault and she felt sorry for him. And she said he’s really sweet.


Told Onew I’ve been watching his sitcom. He smiled and asked if I could understand. I said yes and he grinned and looked deep into my eyes..

Onew: you seem to speak Korean really well :☆twinkle twinkle☆::

Fan: (cant breath)


I didnt know what to say to onew so i was like “your hat is cool” and he was like “..huh?” “hat. your hat. it’s cool.” “o…thanks!” LOL i told onew to eat a lot and always be happy 🙂 it was rly awkward but he thanked me nicely


I asked Onew, SHINee will come to Taiwan again on the 30th, is there anything that he’s looking forward to? Onew replied; he wanted to go there quickly TTTTTT and he gave a warm smile TTTTT

130822 Fanaaccounts – ‘The Misconception of Us’ fansigning event

Japanese Ray Magazine – Onew

Q: What is the one thing that you will bring to Japan?
Onew: My makeup bag! Inside has all my cleansing and cosmetic products. When i was younger, there isn’t much a need to take care of my skin. Now that i’m getting older, as a man, i have to take care of it.

Q: If tomorrow is a holiday, how do you want to spend it?
Onew: No matter how tired i am i want to go out and play. (total opposite from certain people) But i want to go somewhere where it’s not crowded at all. I want to go to somewhere where i can enjoy nature, go to somewhere familiar. A place where i can just relax.

Q: What’s the one thing that you want to overcome?
Onew: My tiredness! Recently i get tired very easily. It will be good if i can overcome my tiredness so i can do more things.

Q: Recently, what’s the thing that is able to make you feel stress?
Onew: My sitcom. Nowadays, I’m acting in a sitcom. It’s super stressful. But as I persevere and goes on, I realised I can do this. Through this, I have gain quite a bit of confidence. If there is still a chance, I would want to act again.

Q: What is a one requirement to fulfill your dream?
Onew: It must be a dream that is comes right from the inner of your heart.

Q: What kinds of actions that comes from a girl that will make your heart flutter?
Onew: An innocent girl. A girl with no motives. If i see a girl that looks cute and is also kind-hearted, i will feel really happy.

Q: Fill in your own blanks. “Don’t look at me like this, i’m actually a ____ man”
Onew: I’m a ticking bomb *laughs*. What do you think is my personality like? (Reporter suddenly got asked by Onew and they replied: gentle) I may look like i’m very honest and sincere but there are times I will just suddenly explode. I get angry when I see people doing inappropriate things. Or when people asking asking me to do the same things over and over again. But after I get angry, I will bow my head and apologise.

Japanese Ray Magazine – Onew

Onew – Boys Meet U Drawing Quiz

Q1: What is the one thing you’d eat during summer?

A1: Ice cream + watermelon


Q2: What’s one memorable thing during your Mv shoot in Okinawa?

A2: The ever-changing weather



Q3: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about summer?

A3: The popular combo in Korea- Chicken and beer


My cute baby with his cute drawing. ^^

Onew – Boys Meet U Drawing Quiz

Onew – A Good Hyung

during kim chanryeol’s radio show, there was a time when taemin wanted to answer a question about himself(i think)but key started talking so he wasnt sure he should speak or not. Seeing this, jinki gently tapped taemin at a good time to encourage him to just cut in and speak. but key was still talking so Jinki gave key a sweet eye look and key understood and handed the talk over to taemin.

Onew – A Good Hyung

130512 A Trot Singer mentioned Onew

Trot Singer Jang Yoon Jung was asked in an interview “Which singer do you think it will be not bad if they switch career path to become a Trot Singer?”

Jang Yoon Jung “SHINee’s Onew sings Trot really well! Older generations really like him. If he joins us, he will really make a great hit” She added “Onew ah~ you will have a bright path ahead (if you come to sing) Trot! (.. since) there is a currently ageing/greying society~ I will definitely give in all to support you!”

Kor-chi : 小智MAX

TROT歌手张润贞受采访的时候有人问她“哪位歌手改行来当TROT歌手感觉也不错?” 张润贞说“SHINee 温流唱TROT唱的真的很棒” 还说“年上的人很喜欢他,他如果来我们圈子一定会大发”之后她对温流说“温流啊~ TROT这个圈子的未来一片光芒! 现在是高龄化社会嘛~ 我一定会全力捧你的”@好奇心大过胜负欲

130512 A Trot Singer mentioned Onew

130820 News about Onew in Royal Villa sitcom

‘Royal Villa’ chic onew, great acting, ‘rediscovery of the idol’

Onew’s acting was totally a blown away in Korea. There were 4 articles about it, I give you the summary:


SHINee’s onew acting in Royal Villa doesn’t seem at all from a rookie. With onew’s chic look and high depth of acting, you can’t believe the fact that it’s his first comedy acting challenge. Reviewers reviewed the sitcom/onew’s acting by saying the acting is flawless and as a singer but also as an actor he is smooth. His acting was well-received by reviewers.

Cr: osen news


In another news we have:

“SHINee member onew is expected to get more popular with acting”

Praising onew’s acting again and we also have broadcast netizens comment. “It’s better than expected, this idol has incredible acting skills”, “this idol is not only a singer, but also has acting skills”, “Seems to acted as much as I need to give recognition (This netizen waited for enough episodes to be aired and finally acknowledged onew’s acting)”.

Cr: Tvdaily

“Despite onew being a singer, but he appeared far more than expectations and is attracting attention to his growth as an actor. Looking forward for more growth/exposure as an actor”

Cr: kwnews


Credit for trans: 0new_kpoplove

130820 News about Onew in Royal Villa sitcom